Straw Bear formed slowly over a number of years, like sedimentary rock or a bad habit.

Taking their name from the Whittlesey Straw Bear festival, the first event in the pagan calendar, Ian and Chris began by tinkering around with some songs in their native Cambridgeshire.

It took them some time to realise they might have something ... and over the next few years Tom, Pas and Cate were recruited.

Straw Bear’s new album Black Bank is very much a product of the eerie Fenlands of the east of England. Recorded at an isolated studio near Ely, the album is full of oddball folkiness and alt-country vistas.

The band’s unconventional approach to subject matter sees them raging at the noise of over-sexed urban foxes, travelling in steampunk landscapes and moaning about those people in London.

Recently named #2 in 6 Music’s Tom Robinson’s Best Band of 2012 and in Now Playing @ 6 Music’s sound for 2013.

‘I thought the banks were skint? This one seems to be full to bursting, with a remarkable range of ideas and styles… Quirky, exploratory and inventive’ For Folk’s Sake

‘When did you last hear a hook line as melodically perfect as that present in the chorus of Kitty? This is a song of near-perfect pace, delicious construct, delightful lyrics and sweet intent’
A New Band A Day

‘The album over all is very catchy and different to anything that is in the charts at the moment… They definitely deserve a bigger audience’ Artswrap