Rattleshack are country. They live in the country, work in the country, play in the country. They drive 'em pick up trucks, eat what they catch and if it's broke they'll mend it themselves.

But this isn't country as you know it and if you think you don't like country music they may just change your mind. They won't be laying no blanket on the ground, they'll just get right down there in the mud. They ain't gonna mend your achy breaky heart, they're gonna rip it out and feed it to the rats.

Brought up on a diet of The Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams deep in the swampy, dark and mysterious fen lands of the east of the UK, it's not surprising that their particular take on country music has an edgy twist - think Johnny Clash.

RATTLESHACK, the name given to them by Th' Legendary Shack Shakers front man JD Wilkes, has had the pleasure and honour of working with artists such as Bob Wayne (who appears in the opening track, Dead Man's Creek), The Dirt Daubers, The Pine Hill Haints, Vince Ray and Miss Izzy Cox.

‘With their debut album, Rattleshack announces themselves as one of those bands defining the cutting edge’ Saving Country Music

‘(Rattleshack) are unique in their territory.. and can only be at the forefront of bringing something new… It’s country for sure , but a long way from the shiny cowboy boot commercialised Nashville image… This is Hellbilly Punk’ Moment Magazine

'Rattleshack bring foot-stomping hillbilly music right up to date by adding a meaty slab of punk attitude to well-crafted songs of life and death' Paul Slack (UK Subs)

Andy Stanhope, Guitar, Mandolin,Dan Moi and main Vocals. The songs he writes have a story to tell and you will listen.
Jimmy Chase, Mandolin and Vocals. Plays like a demon.
Gene Pellier, Doghouse Bass. He don’t sing, he don’t speak. He just grows beard. But he’s watching you son, he’s watching you!
Joe ‘Stony’ Mason, Drums and Vocals. There ain’t nothin’ he can’t get a rhythm out of and his crazy country shuffles are as mad as a box of frogs.

The new 7inch vinyl HILLBILLY HICK is to be released on 28th September 2015.